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The Best Bitcoin Game Referral Programs for 2021!

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There are so many fun and exciting bitcoin games out there, ranging from your typical casino games all the way to bespoke indie games. The main draw of these games is the fact that, as a player, you can make a good stack of satoshis while having fun – it’s almost like being a pro gamer!

But, these game developers and casinos don’t keep all the profits for themselves. Instead, they share a cut with affiliates that refer players to their game, paying anywhere from 5% to 25% of the profits generated. So, which bitcoin games have the best referral programs, and which will net you the most profit?

Let’s find out!

RollerCoin – 15% – 25%

Ever dreamed of becoming a crypto miner, but don’t have millions in the bank to start your own farm? Well, now the dream can become a reality with RollerCoin. The aim of the game is simple, build up your own mining farm, get real Bitcoin as a reward and become the king of crypto.

Play exciting mini games to unlock more hashrate that you can divert to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin or RollerToken mining. The best part? You actually mine in-game blocks and earn real rewards, meaning you get paid for building your own mining empire!

For affiliates, the deal is simple. You get 15% lifetime revenue share from in-game purchases (RLT, mining rigs & racks) and 25% lifetime revenue share from the profit that the players you refer to generate. The latter comes from the block rewards they earn. You get paid out daily into your RollerCoin account and can either withdraw it or spend it on in-game upgrades to help develop your own crypto mining empire! Rollercoin is free to play and doesn’t require you to spend anything to start mining real Bitcoin.

Bitplay – 5%

Playing lotteries can be great fun, and rather lucrative. Bitplay allows you to play 2 lotteries and a bitcoin roulette game. One lottery has numbers from 5 to 36, and the other runs from 6 to 45. If you get a perfect ticket, you will win the jackpot for that specific draw. If nobody wins the jackpot, it rolls over to the next draw. The 5 to 36 jackpot is currently worth 6.76₿, while the 6 to 45 jackpot is 32.44₿. Tickets cost 0.05m₿ and 0.1m₿ respectively.

The bitcoin roulette at Bitplay uses a random number generated European roulette wheel. You make a wager directly from your wallet and the round is played when the block your transaction is included in is mined. Winnings are automatically paid back into the wallet you made your bet from.

For affiliates, you get a flat 5% on the sale of lottery tickets from players you refer. The tracking system uses cookies, so if a player you refer to plays with cookies disabled or clears cookies, then you’ll lose your player tag. The cookies are also only valid for one year, so you’ll need to keep players going back to Bitplay through your referral link in order to maximize your profits.

Crypto Games – 25%

If you’re into playing casino games, Crypto Games has a great variety of slots, dice, lottery, roulette blackjack and more. The games are well made and work well across mobile and desktop devices. There are also large progressive jackpots up for grabs, with the dogecoin jackpot recently surpassing 3.4 million doge.

Affiliates can get a 25% lifetime revenue share for the players they send to Crypto Games. If you’ve got high traffic volumes there is a chance that you can negotiate a higher commission rate, which is a sweet deal. – 5% – 25% is best known for being the go-to source of information for bitcoin and bitcoin cash, but it has recently started branching out into other areas of the crypto space. Showcasing the potential bitcoin and bitcoin cash have, has created its own bitcoin casino –!

Packing high-quality slots and table games from the most respected names in the online casino world, has become a Mecca for bitcoin gambling enthusiasts. The range of games is second to none and you can opt to remain anonymous, which is a very nice feature. Whether you’re into slots, blackjack, roulette or baccarat, you’ll find high-quality games to play at

If you’re sending players to as an affiliate, you’ll get a variable commission rate. This ranges from 5% to 25% lifetime house edge share and depends on how many players you’ve referred. Having sent 0-9 players will earn you 5% of the house edge, 10-49 players will net you 10% and 50 onwards will bag you 25%. Each game has a different house edge, so there are more profitable games than others, for affiliates. – 10% launched back in 2014 and quickly rose to the forefront of the evolution of bitcoin dice games. Over the years, it has evolved and become more refined, offering an autoplay feature with detailed strategies that helps players maximize their chances of walking away with a profit.

If you’re looking to send players to a decent bitcoin dice site, you’ll get 10% lifetime revenue share. It’s a flat rate and it’s on the house edge from every single bet. The house edge is 1%, so you’re getting 10% of that 1% edge, which is fairly average for the bitcoin dice world.

Crypto Idle Miner – 5%

Finally, we come to another cool crypto game where you take on the role of a crypto miner, trying to build your own crypto mining empire. The aim of Crypto Idle Miner is to level up your mining rigs and generate as much hashrate as you possibly can in a season. The top players at the end of the season can win up to 1,000HORA. This amount depends on your position in the league and which league you’re in. A season lasts 7 days (Mon – Mon).

You don’t actually mine any real-world coins, it’s all virtual. The coins are mined while you’re idle as well, making it the perfect crypto game for people who are looking for a quick 10-minute play here and there. If you can max out your rigs and climb to the top of your league there’s potential to make some serious coin, but in order to do that, you’ll need to invest a fair amount of time.

Affiliates earn a flat 5% on any earnings that players they’ve sent to the app generate. So, when players you’ve referred finish at the top of their leagues, you get paid too. This does have a downside in the fact that if your players aren’t very good or dedicated, they won’t finish high up the leaderboards and might not earn any revenue. Finally, there are better crypto mining games out there for affiliates.

Sign Up and Start Earning

Each of these bitcoin game sites are great fun for players and good earners for affiliates with good traffic. Some are better than others, and some even offer to make money without spending a single satoshi. The better games and applications tend to have better commission rates, so everyone wins in the end!


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