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Masternodes: Understand how to Easily Make Profit from Mining

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Masternodes for everyone

What would you do if you were a wheat farmer at a time when the price of wheat was plummeting? You would be stuck between your costly machines and your debts. The high volatility of your income – linked to the underlying volatility of wheat, cocoa, etc. – requires a high degree of flexibility in your costs in return. But flexibility is a luxury that wheat, cocoa, and other commodity producers do not have because of their immutable costs (silos, tractors, oil wells, etc.).

Due to cryptocurrency volatility, miners operate under relatively similar market conditions. On the other hand, they benefit from a considerable level of flexibility in the organisation of their costs. When mining a cryptocurrency is no longer profitable, the miner simply needs to redirect the computing power of his machine to another cryptocurrency blockchain (quite in line with what was seen after the halvings of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash). In the worst-case scenario, they just need to disconnect their machines. This provides a significant strategic advantage for cryptocurrency miners.

This is an advantage that the French company Feel-Mining has decided to leverage for its customers’ benefit by offering them the opportunity to invest in a masternode within a few minutes of time while letting them recover their investment within 24 hours.

Before continuing, let’s briefly recall what a is masternode. While not exhaustive, the nodes of a blockchain can serve different functions. They can store all or part of the blocks of a blockchain, produce new blocks thanks to mining, they can validate and broadcast these blocks through the network and they can even sometimes participate in the blockchain governance. A masternode brings all this together. It is therefore a kind of super-node, powerful but heavy and complicated to install and to maintain for non-experts.

The masternodes available for Feel-Mining run on blockchains using a Proof Of Stake (POS) protocol. Unlike the famous Proof-of-Work, this consensus algorithm allows a node to produce and validate its blocks only if that node holds a sufficient amount of tokens, also called collateral. Thus, the miner has no interest in attacking the network because it could lose part of its own funds.

Simple and easy mining, for everyone

What Feel-Mining offers in its “Expert” offer (which it has introduced in France) is the opportunity for its clients to invest their own tokens as collateral in these masternodes, in order for them to benefit from the mining gains.

And if you don’t have the necessary tokens for the collateral, Feel-Mining offers a “Simple” package, where the client can subscribe to the collateral and the masternode management fees in one go. Thanks to this option, it is no longer required for you to be a technician or even a cryptocurrency holder to benefit from mining gains. Contributing to the functioning of a blockchain and harvesting its fruits turns out to be a matter of minutes and a child’s play. But a masternode can be expensive to own, and you still need to have enough cash to be able to invest in it.

This is where an innovation signed Feel-Mining comes in, which allows users to pool their tokens to take advantage together of the profits of a masternode. Under this scheme, the share of everyone’s earnings is proportional to his/her initial stake. This “Shared” mode will allow low-budget users to enter the mining industry.

Until a few years ago, it was unthinkable to operate a node without IT expertise, substantial capital input, and a meticulously established business model. Today, this service is available to everyone, and that’s good news for the blockchain world.

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