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CAKE – A Transparent Blend of CeFi and DeFi

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Cake DeFi, the most transparent way to get cash flow from cryptocurrencies, allows users to participate in masternode staking and its lending service to obtain crypto cash flow. The company whose unique selling proposition is its highest level of transparency and excellent customer service, recently increased its lending interest to 8% for Ethereum and 9% for Bitcoin.

Cake was founded in early 2019 by Dr. Julian Hosp and U-Zyn Chua to solve major financial pain points involving obtaining passive income and building wealth. Hosp is CEO and Co-Founder and a serial entrepreneur, international blockchain expert, medical doctor, and ex-professional athlete. U-Zyn Chua is CTO and Co-Founder and as one of the early coding contributors to Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dash, is a pioneer in the blockchain industry. Chua is also CTO for DeFiChain (DFI) – a fully decentralized blockchain designed specifically for high-speed DeFi transactions.

The company’s lending service makes it easy for users to obtain interest on Bitcoin and Ethereum via locking them for periods of four weeks. The current APYs (expected annual percentage yield) of up to 9% is due to an added bonus, netting its users one of the highest yields in the industry.

Unlike others in the industry, Cake provides full transparency of its lending activities carried out by its licenced partner, which is also based and registered in Singapore. Cake publishes trade positions of each lending batch – showing ultimate strike prices, premiums, expiry dates and settlement prices. This level of transparency exceeds competitors in the lending industry, providing increased peace of mind for Cake’s customers and further cementing the company’s differentiation compared to other lending providers.

Cake also features masternode pools that allow buying slices of DeFiChain (DFI), Dash, ZCoin and PIVX, to easily earn proof-of-stake rewards. Besides being highly transparent, Cake is also unique in being the first staking provider for DeFiChain (DFI) – a recently launched decentralized protocol built for safe and secure DeFi transactions. Users presently earn 25.8% APR on Cake’s DeFiChain Pool, with block rewards paid every 49 seconds.

The company allows users to buy as many or few slices of masternode pools as they would like with no minimum amount. The project also offers automated processes for real-time compounding, allowing users to save time and gain interest on their assets easily. Transparency allows users to easily and independently prove nodes.

The “Rewards” section shows the amount of tokens awarded to stakers on the Pool platform with the Transaction ID and Node address in real time to add an extra layer of openness for users. For those who enjoy using Cake’s products, the company is offering a special referral promotion for a limited time to earn up to 50% referral bonus.

Overall, Cake DeFi’s name may mislead those who think that DeFi always translates into products that are complex and even risky to use. Cake combines the best elements of DeFi and CeFi for users to take advantage of some of the highest rates that staking and centralized finance can offer.


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