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Beeple Generator, NFT Skin, and Non-Fungible Lego Mystery

If you fancy becoming the next Beeple but don’t have a creative bone in your body, help could be at hand…well, sort of. Or maybe you want to wear an NFT on your hand while playing with a Lego NFT? Let’s explore what is all about.

First, after raising over USD 69m for a non-fungible token (NFT) in the biggest digital art sale in history, the artist Beeple has become the talk of the town – so much so that a pair of developers have created an innovative website that lets you churn out your own Beeple-esque works at the mere click of a mouse button.

Vince McKelvie and Sam Newell, the masterminds behind have designed a site that lets you bash away at a button with each click forcing its algorithms to come up with a new Beeple-like piece of digital art. If you stumble across one you like, you can choose to render it – and then perhaps take it off to a digital platform of your choice to hawk it for obscene amounts of crypto.

Our tried its hand at this, and came up with images of a chained-up Patrick the Starfish from SpongeBob SquarePants, what appeared to be a gigantic eggplant adorned with protruding satellite dishes and a naked man dangling a golden token emblazoned with the bitcoin (BTC) logo in front of a dog galloping through a desert – before giving up. Perhaps you will have better luck.

And in a uniquely mind-bending NFT twist, the site is actually a giant NFT – and is available for sale after its current owner bought it on the Zora platform.

A Redditor summed up the experience succinctly with a repurposed quote from Frank Herbert, an American science-fiction author best known for his novel Dune, writing,


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