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What Is Golem (GNT) ? What Is Golem Coin ? An Introduction To Golem Crypto

Golem (GNT) aimed at becoming the first ‘world supercomputer’, The Golem Network uses the blockchain technology to make massive computing power accessible to the masses. The Ethereum blockchain based platform allows users to rent out their spare computing power, which when congregated delivers processing power where it’s needed and in return paid in Golem Coin.


What is Golem Network ? An Introduction to The Golem Crypto

Golem network is a worldwide decentralized supercomputer that combines the computing power of every computer on it’s network. Often know as the Airbnb of Computers, the Golem Network allows a user the following:-

  • Loan out the idle/spare computing power by connecting your computer to the Golem network and in return earn Golem coins,
  • Rent computing power from the Golem network to perform or even just speed up tasks that your computer has trouble handling

One of the most impressive dApps on the Ethereum blockchain, the Golem Network utilizes it’s own native token GNT as a medium of exchange in it’s network. It means, if someone loans out his computing power to Golem network, the user will be rewarded with Golem coin. Similarly, if a user wishes to rent computing power on the Golem network, the users needs to pay in Golem crypto.