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Web Traffic On Global Crypto Exchanges Jumped 13% In July

In July, online traffic for global crypto exchanges surged 13%. Data by an analytics firm, ICO Analytics, revealed the increase, suggesting more increase in global crypto interest.

ICO Analytics posted on the 9th of August on twitter. The data shows the web traffic dynamics of selected popular crypto exchanges in June 2020 against July 2020.

The Head of Content at ICO Analytics, Illia Kmez, addressed the press regarding the July surge. In his statement to Cointelegraph, Kemz said that centralized crypto exchanges gained 26% in web traffic since December, last year. In an attempt to provide figures, the startup analyzed web traffic for up to 100 exchanges. This includes international trading platforms and exchanges within a single country.

As the average increase stands at 13%, some crypto exchanges like KuCoin and have recorded a larger increase. KuCoin recorded 60% while recorded 64%.

Furthermore, Coinbase managed an increase of 18%, which represents 22.5 million visits in the month of July only. Also, Binance, which is one of the world’s largest crypto exchanges, saw a significant increase  of 9.8% which represents almost 25 million visits last month.

However, some crypto exchange platforms recorded losses in the same month of July. Examples are OKEx and MitMEX with reductions in web traffic. OKEx dropped 1.6% while BitMEX lost 6.2%

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