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Wanchain and Pundi X Labs Tie Up to Create Superfinance Market on Blockchain

Wanchain, an infrastructure linking various digital assets to create a super-financial market, has its partnership with the world’s largest sales network Pundi X Labs on twitter.

The founders Jack and Zac met at the Consensus 2018, the fourth annual conference of Blockchain Week in New York City last week.

The Consensus 2018 conference last week in New York City saw a huge number of startups in the ecosystem of crypto-currencies, which demonstrated their latest developments and products. Wanchain and Pundi X Labs, were amongst the few who could come to contact with each other.

 Highlights of Coindesk’s Consensus 2018

The newly built financial infrastructure unites smart contracts built on Wanchain, seeks to permanently consolidate various networks of blockbuster for currency exchange. Pundi X uses Ethereum block system to facilitate payments or transactions with crypto-currencies.

Wanchain offers its customers a multi-functional WAN purse, through which you can adjust tokens, including making public and private transactions. The infrastructure allows users to exchange assets in a chain with minimal partner risk and create such decentralized applications related to currency transactions like Ether Delta, and also facilitate the launch of initial coin offerings (ICO).

The partnership can allow Wanchain to provide public access to the crypto currency through the PoS Pundi X. This news can help increase the value of Wanchain from a fundamental point of view, as the platform expands its network and customer base.

Block Wanchain uses the strong and reliable sides of Ethereum. Any Ethereum Dapp will work on Wanchain with zero code changes. However, to affect the privacy protection and cross-check capabilities, applications can be extended using the Wanchain API.

Mass production of Pundi X PoS began in February 2018, and the company plans to release more than 100,000 XPOS devices in more than 12 countries. The interface supports payment via both crypto-currency and traditional mobile wallets, which include Alipay and Bitcoin wallet.

In addition to the fact that the Pundi XPOS device helps store owners to simplify the process of making transactions, actual existing merchants can also advertise on the gadget’s screen. The device allows you to buy and sell several digital currencies, while the price is displayed in national currency. To complete the transaction, employees scan the buyer’s QR code with their wallet. The device includes the main menu, as well as the composition, commands and inventory management.

Recently, the PoS solution provider from Indonesia conducted a survey in which it was found that 69% of participants believe that most people will use crypto-currencies in the next 10 years.


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