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Vinny Lingham’s Civic (CVC) Releases CivicConnect Blockchain ID Verification App

Civic(CVC) secure identity ecosystem introduces CivicConnect, a new app-to-app integration platform that will provide secure logins and reusable know your customer (KYC). With over 6 million apps that require you to input some level of authentication, the risk of identity theft and hacks are on the rise, with an app-to-app integration platform this issue can be resolved.

In the press released uploaded by Civic on October 21, the company elaborated about their newest addition. The CVC platform for identity verification is reusable, once your account is verified, you could create a Civic ID and use this ID for other applications that support the Civic Connect platform. According to the press release:

App developers can now leverage the power of the Civic Secure Identity Platform within mobile applications. They can now add secure 2-factor authentication (2FA), anonymous private 2FA, and onboard verified users in customized flows that streamline the experience without sacrificing security or compliance.

The user has to verify their identity only once and all apps that have integrated Civic’s app-to-app connection could reuse their verified identity. All the data is stored locally and sharing is done after the user gives the explicit permission. Civic cites their first use case, Dentacoin started to implement the Civic identity verification solution some months ago. Currently, Dentacoin will be integrating CivicConnect service to provide ID verification for Dentacare Health Training App.

Salient features of Civic

The press release stated that the CVC Secure Identity Platform is uniquely designed to allow people to have a digital identity that is controlled by them and not companies. The features involved in achieving that are:

Fully encrypted identity data that can only be accessed and shared with biometrics.

Keys are generated by a third-party wallet, providing a firewall, or an extra layer of protection between Civic and users’ keys.

Liveness testing, captured during ID verification, to ensure the person is real and not a Facebook photo or a Youtube video.

Selfie extraction from the liveness testing and comparison when verifying documents to ensure the document’s real owner is being verified.

Public identifier for the authenticating authority, hashed identity data, and a flag indicating the data is still valid.

Document optical character recognition (OCR) information extraction for high-speed onboarding.

The user will see a Connect with Civic button when they open up the partner app, whether iOS or Android, connected with the Civic Connect. Upon clicking on the button the library will launch the Civic App and confirm the credentials. Moreover, the  CivicConnect iOS library allows developers to integrate the CVC Secure Identity iOS application and the Civic Secure Identity Platform (SIP). This new option poses as a more viable and secure option than the currently used login verification via Google or Facebook.


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