Friday, June 2, 2023
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TRX Is More Decentralized Than Bitcoin, Ethereum & EOS, Says Technical Manager of Tron

Tron is often counted as one of the most open, communicable and technically sound blockchain platform. One other feature it definitely poses is self-boasting that slightly lacks the salt of humbleness. The team at Tron has often been vocal about how their platform is better than its contemporaries. When Marcus Zhao, the Technical Manager for the Tron project, conversed with Taras Podgorodetskyi from the Youtube channel Crypto News Nakamoto Jedi, he states that Tron is more decentralized than Bitcoin, Ethereum & EOS.

A key reason for Tron’s popularity is its unique Public Relations campaign, the transparent, vocal and proud team members that often reiterate their devotion towards the platform. Marcus Zhao, discussed the current state of Tron, its evolution and perspectives, in an interview with Taras Podgorodetskyi, on his Youtube channel Crypto News Nakamoto Jedi.

Following the ritual of his teammates, Zhao did not curb his enthusiasm and commitment to Tron. He vocalized that for him, the Tron is perhaps the best cryptocurrency, especially for ordinary users as it cheaper, faster and enables better integration and software development.

When Taras quetioned his confidence and asked him about Ethereum still being a superior currency, Zhao stated that Tron still has a long way to go and that “definitely” in the near future there will be an “explosion of Dapps” running on the TRON Blockchain:

“ETH has been in the game for four years, whereas TRON just started two months ago. The TRON Virtual Machine (TVM) was launched less than 30 days ago, and in 10 days, the main chain will officially activate the TVM. That is why we have only a few Dapps [but] we will definitely see an explosion of Dapps after the official launch.”

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