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TRON’s Justin Sun Offer $1M Bounty for Twitter Hacker

Justin Sun, TRON founder and BitTorrent CEO, has offered a whopping $1 million to anyone who can identify the person(s) responsible for the recent Twitter hack.

Sun’s Twitter account is one of many high-profile accounts that were hacked on Wednesday, July 15. Some of the accounts include celebrities, companies, and crypto exchange platforms. Sun’s own TRON Foundation was also attacked, making it even more personal for the founder.

Twitter CEO that efforts are still on, towards recovering many of the affected accounts. Sun’s account has been recovered but his company’s Twitter account is still under siege.

Notable accounts that were affected include Kanye West, Bill Gates, Joe Biden, and Elon Musk. Crypto exchange giants Coinbase and Binance were also hacked. Twitter reacted quickly to block the affected accounts.

Sun’s bounty was offered via BitTorrent’s official Twitter account. It :

explainedImage Credits: Pixabay


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