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TRON to Get a Boost After Leaving Ethereum Platform. Here’s How!

After TRON and EOS left Ethereum Platform, ERC-20, migrating to their own respective mainnets, many have speculating how this migration is going to benefit TRON. In fact, TRON (TRX), which is going to migrate to its own mainnet on May 31, has announced that it will announce a reward program for Ethereum developers to migrate from Ethereum dApp projects to TRON.

There are many things worth mentioning, which are going to be the highlight of the mainnet launch.

Tron Loan

TRON will offer developers USD$100,000 loans that will help resolve the budget shortage and support subsequent R&D and operations. Once eligibility for TRX LOAN is verified, applicants will receive the equivalent of USD$100,000 in digital assets from the TRX Foundation. Within 6-24 hours, the disbursement will be made after a project is chosen for funding.

New Website Interface

TRON has launched its new website via a series of developments through which users would be able to access its global rank, latest news and altcoin performance in the market. The main difference one would observe on the new website in comparison to the old one is that it shows how people are permitted to know the progress of the altcoin “on a real-time and pertinent basis”.

“The new design features linear elements, epitomized by angular letters found throughout the pages, and interactive experience. After decent researching, red is chosen over navy blue as the new theme hue of this website, because red represents our technological culture of passion, dedication, exploration and persistence. The minimalism is retained on the fonts, icons and buttons, with a twist of flat design”.

TRON’s 30 Million TRX Airdrop to ETH Community

On April 21, In order to show its gesture of gratefulness for Ethereum’s support to TRX during the ERC20 phase, TRON declared it has earmarked 30M TRX airdrop to the Ethereum community as. Many people thought of this to be a strategy to lure users to shift from Ethereum to TRON mainnet, which was actually true since now TRON team has come forward on several occasions to show that their platform is now a competitor to Ethereum’s.

“From today to the last day, we are no longer the ERC20 token and in the future, we will compete with Ethereum as a DApp platform,” Justin Sun had said during the launch of testnet.

“We will compete face to face with Ethereum, and we have confidence we will build a large ecosystem; a much large ecosystem than the Ethereum. I will explain to you why we can surpass Ethereum in the future.”

TRON Price Set to Rise as It Exits From ERC-20 to Its Own Mainnet


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