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This New Altcoin Is Set to Give ChainLink (LINK) a Pretty Good Run, Band Protocol (BAND) Hits 400% Gains

As at press time, having a market cap of $25,119,602 as seen on Coingecko and a 24-hour trading volume of $8,488,538, BAND has a circulating supply of 20 Million BAND and a pegged supply of 100 Million coins, while mostly traded on Binance.

In March amid the Coronavirus pandemic and its attendant effects, BAND carried out an upgrade on its Cosmos blockchain, its Testnet launch, and integration with Cosmos inter-blockchain communication (IBC). Its upgrade tentacles reached its Oracle-WASM and block explorer, stating support for EVM blockchains.

BAND/USDT Daily Chart

BAND Is Catching Investors’ Keen Attention, Band Protocol to Find Utility Against DeFi Hack

When Chainlink (LINK) rose sporadically to hit all-time highs this year, investors who were caught unawares and thus may have missed out the rave of the moment have shifted their keen attention to BAND.

It was noted that the full range of bottom-to-top on BAND/USDT is well over 500% on Binance.

The platform thus strategized to deploy a multiple Oracle design that would safeguard against the reoccurrence of such a hack. In this new design, the Band Protocol with outstanding flexibility would be used to refine data aggregation.


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