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The Phase Zero Of Ethereum 2.0 Upgrade Kicks Off ‘Relatively Feature Complete’

Much of ETH’s future has been depending upon the Ethereum 2.0, as it bears the weight of tons of expectations regarding the networks improvement. An announcement for the phase zero was published on Ethereum’s GitHub on Jan. 31. Also known as Serenity, the Ethereum 2.0 is planned to be the network’s final upgrade.

Serenity is the last stage in a series of four stages, set out in the platform’s roadmap. Currently, the network is running its third stage (Metropolis) that includes two system-wide hard forks, Byzantium and Constantinople. Both hard forks are aimed to pave the path for  Ethereum 2.0, however, the latter had been delayed due to a vulnerability issue detected mid-January.

Notably, the other PoS solutions planned for Ethereum 2.0 will include the sharding scalability feature, it split-ups transaction processing between smaller groups of nodes to increase the blockchain’s total throughput.  Alongside Ethereum 2.0’s first pre-release, “Gorli”,  a new testnet went live yesterday. It will reportedly serve to trial a key sharding client for Serenity, known as Prysm.

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