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The First Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency FM Radio Show Airs Every Saturday!


If enough entertainment didn’t suffice the cryptocurrency and bitcoin enthuaists, a weekly cryptocurrency focused radio show known as “Cryptomania- Bitcoin and Beyond” has been launched.

The show airs every Saturday morning at 9:30EST and can be listened to anywhere in the world at by clicking Listen Live or on FM radio signal 104.9 in the North of Boston and Merrimack Valley regions of Massachusetts as well as southern New Hampshire, a broadcast area with a combined population of over 2 million residents. Podcasts of all Cryptomania Radio Shows are also available for listening and download at

The show was created by the NEB founder Dana McIntyre who will also host the show with his sidekick Jameson Rust. The two say that the broadcast will feature a “simple and humorist explanation of Bitcoin and Blockchain technology.”

The show aims to educate the public and show them how cryptocurrencies operate and detail how easy it is for anyone to purchase a small fraction of bitcoin.

The debuting radio programme’s catchline is “Get in the game,” and aims to interested individuals the low barriers of entry and accessibility to the burgeoning cryptocurrency sector.

In the press release, McIntyre stated:

“Hosting the first weekly FM radio show on Cryptos in America is a real honor for us and highlights our commitment to bring relevant, cutting-edge content to our listening audience and the mainstream public.”

Even though there has been an existing famous twice-weekly FM radio show known as The Crypto Show, Cryptomania considers itself as the first weekly FM radio show with regards to cryptocurrencies in the US.


 Even though some might be shocked to hear of cryptocurrency focused radio shows, there has been an increasing popularity of similar podcasts and online radio shows for the past three years as bitcoin’s name recognition has spiked with rising media coverage.


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