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The FBS 2021 Year in Review

FBS, an international brokerage broker, summarizes the highlights of this year. The world was again tested in 2021, proving our resilience and ability overcome obstacles. FBS’s annual results are outstanding, despite all the difficulties. FBS created a special video in this spirit to share its successes with everyone.

The year of new heights

It was an exciting year for FBS. This has been made even more possible by the addition of new traders and partners. FBS currently has 21 000 000 traders. FBS clients also opened more than 500 800 000 orders during 2021 and earned $740864 5559. FBS’s annual trading volume is $8 974 589 830 000. These numbers are a testament to the broker’s reliability as well as their prosperity.

The year of cooperation

FBS has expanded its collaboration with outstanding and talented people who share the same vision and are united by shared goals. FBS was named Official Principal Partner of Leicester City Football Club in May 2021. This partnership is a tribute to the shared vision of both teams. FBS’ unique ability to make trading available to all, combined with the growing strength of Leicester City, led to positive results. FBS clients as well as LCFC supporters enjoyed the various contests and other interesting activities. This is just the beginning of a three-year journey.

FBS also found a brand ambassador in South East Asia, Kan Kantathavorn. The same values and ideas are shared by a famous Thai actor, host, model, and host. FBS and Mr. Kan aim to make people have more time and allow them to be with their families while also making a living trading. FBS launched a global media campaign in September 2021, featuring fascinating videos about the products and promising to bring more.


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