Friday, January 27, 2023
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Tesla’s BTC Purchase May Already Be up by $1 Billion, Says Anthony Pompliano

As the price of Bitcoin continues to increase, the value of a certain high-profile BTC investment may have considerably risen since it was announced one month ago.

Crypto analyst Anthony Pompliano wrote on Twitter that: “Tesla bought $1.5 billion of Bitcoin around $33,000. That means they have now made over $1 billion on that investment in less than 45 days,” adding that “Elon Musk is a legend.”

However, Bitcoin bear Peter Schiff was quick to kill Pomp’s buzz with a reminder that “since the #Bitcoin buy was announced Tesla stock has dropped by 9% in a relatively flat market.”

Additionally, the ‘Coinbase premium’, which measures the price of Bitcoin on Coinbase compared to other exchanges, was moving higher. This could be an indication that retail investors were buying more Bitcoin in anticipation of a higher BTC price. At press time, BTC was selling at $54,685.70 on Coinbase and $54,609.30 on Binance.


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