Friday, June 2, 2023
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StormX adds Yearn Finance Support as Users Now Earn YFI

Crypto earning platform, StormX announced its support for Yearn Finance (YFI). StormX which gives crypto rewards for online shopping will now offer YFI to users who shop with StormX retailers. Currently, the StormX app supports a large number of popular online stores including Samsung, Nike, Microsoft, eBay, amongst others.

When StormX users buy from the retailers, the cashback is automatically paid back into their account after the time frame given to return goods has elapsed. The reward, which varies by the retailer, can be as high as 87.5%. Following the new development, StormX customers can now withdraw their rewards in YFI.

Before now, users could get paid in Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Dai (DAI), or Ethereum (ETH)

Apart from earning rewards for shopping, StormX customers can also complete various micro-tasks to earn different kinds of cryptos. The tasks include playing games, completing different surveys, as well as trying out new products and services.

YFI, the governance token for Yearn was created by Andre Cronje who does not have his own share of the token.currently. Since its launch in mid-July, YFI has surged to become the best performing crypto asset of all time. Also, the token has massively climbed 93,932% to reach its current value of nearly $30,000 


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