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São Paulo to Create and Implement Blockchain Registry for Public Infrastructure

Brazil’s São Paulo, one of the world’s most populous cities, has announced its decision to begin the use of blockchain technology to create a proper registry for public infrastructure projects. According to reports, the city’s Secretariat of Urban Infrastructure and Works has already chosen Construtivo, a blockchain company, to create and implement the registry.

The municipality decided to embark on a blockchain project because some of the infrastructure around the city began to deteriorate, causing the government to shut them down. These infrastructure including roads and bridges, according to the government, received considerable allocation to their construction and the city now believes that transparency through blockchain, will solve the problem.

Construtivo’s president, Marcus Granadeiro, has said that blockchain will not only ensure unmatched transparency, but will also create a permanent record which will allow the city figure out any problems that might occur much later when they do. Granadeiro said:

“It is imperative that data from all construction work assets in the city of São Paulo or from ongoing projects be available online to any decision maker. Process and document management takes place in real time from anywhere.”

Away from São Paulo, Brazil seems to be quite pro-blockchain. A few months ago, a few federal officials from the National Congress of Brazil, put forward bill PL 3443/2019, which will mandate all public administrations in the country both federal state, to consistently work towards the application of technologies like blockchain and artificial intelligence, The bill was titled “Digital Provision of Public Services in Public Administration – Digital Government” and is currently being considered by the government.

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