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Retail Giant Carrefour to use Blockchain to Track Milk Product Supply Chain

French Retailer Launches Blockchain-Powered Product

Carrefour, the French retail giant, is set to integrate blockchain technology to keep track of the supply chain of milk products. The retail giant is continuing blockchain development by releasing a new distributed ledger technology (DLT)-powered product for tracking milk.

According to the press release by Carrefour, starting from March 2019, Carrefour will launch its new blockchain-powered product, Carrefour Quality Line (CQL) micro-filtered full-fat milk. CQL is proclaimed to guarantee consumers complete product traceability across the entire supply chain — from farmers to the store shelves. Thanks to CQL, consumers will now be able to identify how the GPS coordinates of farmers whose animals’ milk was collected, get information about when the milk was collected and packaged, alongside discovering what stakeholders are involved in the product line.

After testing and implementing some blockchain projects, this new product was launched by the global food retailer.  Back in November 2018, Carrefour developed a food tracking solution powered by Hyperledger to track free-range chickens branded as “Calidad y Origen” in Spain. Further, the company had joined IBM’s blockchain-enabled food tracking network called Food Trust, following major food producers such as Nestle, Dole Food, Golden State Foods, and others. Food supply chain has been one of the most promising areas for application of blockchain technology with other retail giants such as Walmart and Nestle also actively exploring the technology.

Carrefour has been the first and the foremost retail giant in France to use blockchain technology with one of its iconic animal product lines: free-range Carrefour Quality Line Auvergne chicken. The launch of blockchain technology has been a turning point in the Carrefour 2022 transformation plan. Now the company is making the data more accessible by migrating it to a blockchain. Thanks to the blockchain technology, now, Carrefour can share a secure database with all of its partners guarantying highest level of food safety for its customers.

Carrefour has 12,300 stores across 30 countries. The French supermarket chain has been working on food traceability for years with an ad-hoc mix of information stored in its own ERP systems and those of its suppliers, as well as on paper and in the databases of auditors.


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