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Renvale Capital Embraces Changes And Sets Trends With Crypto Exchange Platform

Renvale Capital Announces Development Of Their Very Own Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform 

Renvale Capital, a Wall Street company that has been trading forex for over 10 years, was founded in 2006 in the US and their services include private investment services and managed forex account trading for private and institutional clients globally.

In 2012, they found tremendous success venturing into the blockchain era, in accord with their motto, “Embracing Changes, Setting Trends”, as they integrated their superior forex trading techniques with targecryptocurrency trading.

2017 proved to be a fruitful year as the firm diversified their digital assets to include blockchain start-ups and token generation events. The boom of the cryptocurrency industry throughout the year had thrust the firm towards astounding heights never before seen in the industry, allowing Renvale Capital to again exceed expectations and outrun its investment goals, easily outperforming the returns from the best mutual funds and stock market benchmarks in 2017.

Additional investments into cryptocurrencies have been evident as the current market capitalization of all digital currencies stands at over 300 billion US dollars, with token generation events in the first half of 2018 already surpassed the whole of 2017 at over 6 billion US dollars raised thus far.

As major financial institutions and conglomerates continue to rapidly embrace blockchain technology, experts believe that current cryptocurrency market capitalization is still in its infant stage especially when one realizes that 300 billion is less than 1% of global currency assets.

These positive sentiments have been kind to Renvale Capital, as their impressive growth figures have led to increased consumer confidence and optimistic investors.

Renvale Capital has recently announced the development of their very own Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform to be launched by Q4 of 2018 in line with their business strategy of swiftly adapting to market signals and initiating calculated trends.

The firm has commented that the concept was first drafted by Renvale Capital’s in-house developers, headed by Chief Technology Officer, Vishal Agrawal, in 2018 to allow cryptocurrency users the ability to manage cryptocurrency trading activities quickly and easily. Vishal Agrawal had notably held the roles of Chief Technology Officer at Netcraft Retail Solutions, Principal Architect at Microsoft and Senior Engineer at IBM, prior to joining Renvale Capital.

As the world’s leading firm in digital currency trading, Renvale Capital identified a need in the cryptosphere for a platform that would create a more complete experience for cryptocurrency users.

Upon completion, the community will be able to experience what the Renvale Capital Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform can do, including the ability to: Send and receive cryptocurrency currencies, which: will take milliseconds to process; cost relatively little in transaction fees; has no possibility of Transaction Front Running; set up multiple wallets; deploy and manage Renvale Capital Masternodes, which, can be set up quickly and can be easily controlled, redeemed, and organized.

While the community will certainly see the immediate value in Renvale Capital Platform’s user interface, the design of the underlying system is what really sets the Renvale Capital Platform apart from competitors. The Platform has designed a masternode system that will provide easier accessibility and usage, while breaking up the stranglehold that traditional mining pools are developing on transactions across many blockchain ledgers.

Renvale Capital aims to continue delivering powerful and risk-adjusted investment returns to their investors as they look to cement their status as a leading Wall Street investment company.

The increased attention in cryptocurrencies paired with their remarkable returns, has attracted considerable interest on the firm as they look to finish the second half of 2018 on another high and are on course to replicate the stellar years they have had prior to 2018 through their personalized trading techniques and savvy portfolio diversification.


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