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Reddit Co-Founder Claims Bitcoin and Cryptomarket Is Entering “Springtide” As Innovative Blockchain Solutions Increase

Many correlated Bitcoin’s sharp drop with disproven rumors that the founder of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto was dumping his coins on the open market after a transaction was sent from an address created a month after the launch of Bitcoin. In the week, Bitcoin bulls pushed the crypto higher after a CBS show in which an interview with Jerome Powell, Chairman Fed Reserve stated that the trillions of dollars the Federal Reserve had already pumped into the economy is far from the end of the potential stimulus, saying more will still be done.

Reddit co-founder, Alexis Ohanian who spoke profoundly in a recent interview believes that all the recent events-coronavirus induced lockdown, Bitcoin halving, attention drawn on Facebook Libra- all add up to spring tide for the entire crypto market.

Coincidentally, the Reddit co-founder spoke on Bitcoin price hitting the $10,000 mark, depicting in a way that the Reddit co-founder hadn’t fail to notice Bitcoin’s recent rise amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The Reddit co-founder also maintained that his crypto holdings will remain mostly unaltered while he sees crypto as a prudent hedge, stating that the recent move of top players of Wall Street into crypto and Bitcoin buying has increasingly shown that it has come to stay.

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