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QuadrigaCX CEO’s Widow to Hand Over $9 Million in Received Estate

Jennifer Robertson, the widow of the deceased CEO of QuadrigaCX, has agreed to transfer the contents of her husband’s estate to EY Canada, the bankruptcy trustee of the doomed exchange.

According to an official statement issued by Robertson on Monday, she will hand over an estate worth almost $9 million. This includes all assets she received from her husband except some $162,700 in personal assets.

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In a newly published report by EY, the firm said it intends to liquidate all the assets to repay the creditors of the now-defunct crypto exchange.

“Other than the Excluded Assets, Robertson will transfer to the Trustee, her right, title and interest in all assets including cash, investments, vehicles, loans (and related security), real estate (including the Kinross Property, which is to be vacated by October 31, 2019), personal belongings, and any further assets identified in the future,” the report stated.

The massive cost of an irresponsible act

The woes for the Canadian crypto exchange started when Gerald Cotten, the CEO of the exchange, unexpectedly died in December last year. Unfortunately, he did not create any backup for the credentials to access the cold wallet of the exchange in a situation like this.

Following Cotten’s death, a total of 76,319 unsecured creditors, most of which are clients of the exchange, lined up to claim around $190 million.

A judge appointed EY as the bankruptcy trustee of the exchange and tasked it with recovering the lost assets. Earlier this year, the judge approved over $1.6 million in fees for the work done by EY and law firms.

Meanwhile, many agencies, including the Canadian tax authority, are probing the defunct exchange. However, any of the dues to these agencies will cut-short the settlement amount yet to be received by the long line of creditors.


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