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Pornhub Includes Dogecoin and Others In Crypto-Payments On Website

Pornhub now allows payments with DOGE and three other cryptocurrencies. Apart from DOGE, the other cryptocurrencies that the website recently added are BNB, USDC, and Ripple’s XRP. Before now, the website had declared its support for some selected digital assets like Bitcoin (BTC), Ether(ETH), Monero, and Zcash.

Pornhub’s move to allow digital asset payments was after Visa and MasterCard banned users from making card payments as a result of several child abuse allegations. In early December, opinion columnist Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times Pornhub of monetizing child rape. Pornhub denied the allegation and also said it would ban unverified users from uploading videos.

Since the allegations, Pornhub has done more to support crypto payments. A by Cryptobriefing in December revealed that Pornhub users could make payments using 13 cryptocurrencies. Pornhub has now adopted full crypto payments in selected countries like the US, UK, Singapore, and more.

Although Pornhub offers free content to users, the website requests a subscription fee to access its premium videos.

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao commented on the addition of BNB to the supported cryptocurrencies on Pornhub. In a, Zhao said:

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