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OneLedger OLT Now Trading on KuCoin Blockchain Asset Exchange

KuCoin’s definite services among partners and traders have proven two essential factors, reliability and security. Since 2017, they have already demonstrated that what they have developed, is a blockchain asset exchange that is a platform that can be trusted in the technological aspect with exceptional customer support.

And today, another promising project has listed their native currency called OLT to KuCoin platform. The company is OneLedger, a cross-ledger agnostic protocol focusing on assisting enterprises.

At precisely 18:00 UTC+8, deposits will be available with trading partners that include OLT/BTC and OLT/ETH. Buying will be possible at 21:30 UTC+8 while Selling and Withdrawal will commence at 22:00 (UTC+8). All transactions can be processed either by utilizing KuCoin’s App or directly to their official website.

About OneLedger

OneLedger is a gateway protocol that will permit all types of business applications, or individuals connect to various blockchains via sidechains. It will simplify adoption of integration of blockchain technology for small companies and larger businesses. Those business applications will be capable of creating their uniquely-identified network consensus on their both private and public blockchains.

After building a digital identity, users will also be ready to apply blockchain based business tools that are offered on the platform. Selections to create digital wallets, credit systems and arbitration mechanism will all handle the process of creating and maintaining of business solutions without extensive programming knowledge or additional expenses in producing those applications.

One way of viewing at the vision of OLT is ‘Plug and Play’ for all individual or business applications that require to use blockchain. OneLedger also proposes to build a marketplace where users will be capable of buying custom-made modules available to plug into OneLedger.

OneLedger Advantges

OneLedger will help cross-exchanges and utilize a system of sharding as well as a sidechain, so that network performance and transaction speed will be remarkably high. One choice is to build a decentralized exchange with fast transactions. For example, a user requires to trade Litecoin pair to Dogecoin (Within the OneLedger network). It will produce a sidechain for processing operations and will not influence the performance of the main chain.

Other uses of OneLedger:

Ability to utilize and transfer DApp applications

  • Offers cross-chain and consensus on the OneLedger protocol
  • The capacity to communicate DApps over the OneLedger protocol
  • Transact transparency and traceability by the marking of business flows
  • Assistance to businesses and individuals with AI support and stream optimization

Token Utility

Users, including businesses, require to pay a network charge to nodes to utilize any services on the OneLedger platform. Network supporters (nodes) will accept OLT tokens as network charges. In the early phase, OneLedger’s software will enable everyone to operate a node. After a period, a staking sum may be set to guarantee commitment and quality of the network. Developers need OLT tokens to deploy their modules to OneLedger platform.


Oneledger intends to begin MVP and Ethereum sidechain testnet in Q2, bitcoin sidechain, platform alpha, and APIs by the end of 2018. The first version is to be issued in 2019.


The team behind Oneledger’s success brings important expertise in the blockchain protocol and consensus algorithm development, high-performance computing, information security, cloud computing and enterprise intelligence.

David Cao

CEO of one ledger, chairman of the Canadian-China-Professional Blockchain Association, has over 13 years of cumulative experience in blockchain technology and enterprise architecture.

Alex Todd

CTA of Oneledger is a Founder and CEO of Trust 2 Pay and former Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of  PRESTO.

Stephen Li

Lead Engineer of OneLedger, The developer of blockchain and smart contracts with 15 years of experience as a developer, including well-known companies – NEC, Microsoft, IBM, Morgan Stanley.


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