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Nvidia Posts 50% YoY Growth in Quarterly Revenues

Yesterday, Nvidia released its financial results for the quarter ending 31 October 2021. In the most recent quarter, revenues reached an all-time high of $7.1 million. Nvidia’s Data Center and Gaming market platforms did exceptionally in the third quarter of FY 2022.

GAAP earnings per share for Nvidia were $0.97 in the quarter. This is 83% more than the same quarter last fiscal year. The non-GAAP earnings per share reached $1.17, an increase of 60% over the previous year.

Nvidia paid $100 million in cash dividends during the most recent quarter. The company will pay its next quarterly cash dividend at $0.04 per share to all shareholders who were registered on or before 23 December 2021.

Jensen Huang (NVIDIA’s CEO and Founder) said that the third quarter was exceptional with record revenues. NVIDIA AI is in high demand, thanks to cloud and hyper-scale adoption and wider adoption by over 25,000 companies. NVIDIA RTX is a revolutionary upgrade to computer graphics, combining ray tracing with AI and is the perfect upgrade for gamers, creators, designers, and professionals who build home workstations.


Nvidia reported an increase in interest in Omniverse platform for the quarter ending 31 October 2021. Nvidia’s Omniverse Avatar, which allows users to create interactive AI avatars using speech AI, computer vision and recommendation engines, is a platform that connects with the company’s technologies in AI, natural language understanding, simulation, and optimization.

GTC was very much focused on the theme of “Omniverse.” We demonstrated what it is possible to jump into virtual worlds. Omniverse can be used for collaborative design, customer service avatars, video conferencing and customer service. It can also be used to create digital twins of factories, plants, entire cities, or even whole cities. Omniverse brings together NVIDIA’s expertise in AI and simulation as well as computing infrastructure. Huang stated that this is only the tip of the iceberg for what’s next.


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