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Nexus Mutual CEO Lost All 370 NXM Worth $8 Million In A Recent Hack

An unidentified hacker hacked the personal address of the CEO of Nexus Mutual, Hugh Karp. As a result, the CEO lost all his NXM tokens, worth $8 million. Cointelegraph that the stolen assets is 370,000 NXM, equivalent to about 6% of all tokens in circulation. Also, the hacker has started converting the stolen NXM to ETH. The Cointelegraph report stated that the converted Ether is 354 ETH, worth over $200,000.

A by Nexus Mutual revealed that the hack occurred on the 14th of December by a member of the Nexus Mutual community. 

Nexus Mutual further noted that only the CEO’s wallet was affected by the attack and assured its members of no future risks on their account. 

The tweet explained details on the hack:

tweetImage Credits: Pixabay


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