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Nebeus Receives Green Light from Spanish Regulators

The Bank of Spain has approved and registered Nebeus as a cryptocurrency custody and services provider, also known as a Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP).

According to the press release shared with Finance Magnates, since its establishment in 2014, Nebeus has provided crypto services in more than 120 countries around the world.

With its full crypto ecosystem, the company offers its own wallet and exchange , as well as a variety of crypto services such as rewards for cryptocurrencies and crypto-backed lending options. Cryptocurrency investors and hodlers can use Nebeus to bridge the gap between crypto and cash.

Nebeus ranks 20 on the Bank of Spain’s list of cryptocurrency service providers. As an official Spanish Virtual Asset Service Provider, Nebeus is committed to ensuring that all regulations preventing money laundering and terrorist financing are met.

“At Nebeus, we seek to provide the safest and most trustworthy place for crypto investors to hold their assets, trade and much more. Despite the current adverse market condition, we continue to grow, both from a regulatory and company perspective. By obtaining the Spanish cryptocurrency registration, we take another big step in becoming a crypto challenger app for crypto hodlers,” Michael Stroev, Nebeus’s COO at Nebeus, commented about the ongoing crypto bear market.

Binance Licensed in Spain

Early this month, almost six weeks after Binance obtained regulatory approval from Italian authorities, the crypto services provider announced that it had secured the VASP registration from the Bank of Spain.

The details shared by Binance show that Moon Tech Spain, the Spanish subsidiary of Binance, applied for the registration on 28 January 2022 and secured the registration on 7 July 2022. In the past few months, Binance received registrations from regulatory authorities across different countries within Europe, including France and Italy.


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