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McCaleb Continues to Reign as the Biggest, Renowned Whale in the Crypto Space

McCaleb, co-founder of Ripple in 2014 is dubbed to be the mastermind behind the innovation of XRP, agreeing to a decent reimbursement of XRP, which will be distributed over time. Although McCaleb is not as large as Ripple’s monthly escrow, it is a well-known name for open market sales.

McCaleb is perceived as a potential threat to the Stellar (XLM) project, where he is also the “Whale”. Leaving Stellar under the direction of the Stellar Development Foundation, McCaleb also has the opportunity to shed XLM.

After all, positive XRP dynamics have been observed for several months.

XRP Recent Rally May Come Under Threat
In the past, McCaleb has benefited greatly from XRP growth with prices below pennies. In early February, XRP began a large-scale rally and gained significant volume.

The recent price activity of XRP revives the hope that the market will continue its upward movement. Analysts, however, believe that the recent XRP breakthrough, which returned the asset to $ 0.28, could be in jeopardy, as McCaleb will receive his last tranche of tokens.

A whale transfer of just over $ 5.3 million which surpasses the real liquidity of XRP even in the most active markets. Although McCaleb is bound by contract rules, a market dump remains a concern.


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