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List Of 2018’s Top Cryptocurrencies Ranked As Per Github Activity

While the forefront of cryptocurrencies aka their price point has been facing a bear, the behind the scene technology aka their network has been on a steady growth of development. After referring to data produced by websites that track the amount of Github activity in cryptocurrency repositories, it can be inferred that blockchain development continues to grow.

Many cryptocurrency projects have lost more than 90 percent of value since their all-time highs in 2017. However, their development does not follow the same trajectory. Note that the website discussed below have varied data and thus each has there own set of top 10.

Github Activity According To Cryptomiso

The data referred for the inference is Cryptomiso, a website that measures Github activity in order to enable cryptocurrency supporters to observe and rank their favorite project’s development.

At the start of 2018, the blockchain project Cardano (ADA)  had the lead in terms of total repository commits. According to Cryptomiso the top project most commits is the blockchain platform in 2018 are –

  •  Insolar (INS) with 7,289 commits
  • 0x (7,098),
  • Rchain (5,584),
  • Tron (5,399),
  • Eos (4,823),
  • Zuesshield (4,362),
  • Nuls (4,258),
  • Republic (4,321),
  • Zilliqa (4027), and
  • Lisk (3,981).

Some points have to be noted here, firstly Cryptomiso’s data is far less refined than Coincodecap. From the cryptocurrency mentioned in the list, only EOS and TRON are amongst the top 10 contenders by market capitalization. Then the projects with tons of commits aren’t very old and large amount of development at an initial level is quite normal.According to Github activity, each project of the top currencies by market capitalization has a different ranking. Bitcoin Core, the reference client of BTC had roughly 1,815 commits last year. Ethereum (ETH) roughly observed 989 commits, this data does not include commits from Solidity, Mist, Ethereumj, and many others that would considerably increase the number. The Bitcoin Cash (BCH) client ABC had 786 commits in 2018, does not include commits from Bitprim, Unlimited, XT, BCHd, Copernicus and others.


Github Activity According To Coincodecap

Coincodecap, a data website that tracks all of the implementations per project, presenting a much bigger picture for the Github activity. For instance,  Cardano (ADA) has over 45,000 commits throughout all of its repositories consisting of 16 different programming languages. The Augur, 0x, Ethereum, and Lisk networks follow behind Cardano among the top five most actively developed blockchains in 2018.

BTC has roughly 3,269 commits among all implementations, while BCH has a total of 988. One of the issue with Coincodecap’s data is that some of the commits are not protocol enhancements and may apply to things like website improvements and other types of infrastructure-related code changes.

Number of Commits

The annual number of commits per project doesn’t imply that one coin is better than the other. However, the crypto enthusiasts dedicated to a certain project enjoy tracking the development that takes place throughout the year.  Cryptocurrency repositories with very little work can worry the supporters as the development over the network is not steady and thus could suffer from code rot.

Data from both Cryptomiso and Coincodecap shows a number of contributors for each project and many of the contributors overlap because of forked repositories. While the data and the subsequent ranking is somewhat skewed, it can still aid investors and enthusiasts to draw useful insights.

Especially the tech-savvy lot can review the code changes being recorded in real-time. A crypto project tracking page is simply another tool, much like analysis sites that show metrics like price, trade volume, market capitalization, and transactions per day. 


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