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Italians Shop Online With Bitcoin More Than With Mastercard or Visa

SEMRush, a marketing management and analysis firm based in Boston, has revealed that as far online payment channels in Italy are concerned, crypto is way ahead of many and seats in third place. According to reports, Italians would rather make online payments with Bitcoin, than use other popular payment giants such as Visa and Mastercard.

The findings by SEMRush have it that for Italians, the most preferred payment method is current PayPal, with prepaid card platform PostePay, coming in as the second. The report suggests that Italians would probably only consider regular credit and debit cards, after the first three options have been tried.

Local news platform La Stampa, further reports also show that even American Express is a lot more popular and used for online purchases than Mastercard and Visa. The two services account for about 33,950 monthly online payments, with American Express pulling in 189,000. Bitcoin surpasses them all and is used for 215,800 monthly online transactions.

PayPal, as the most used choice in Italy, pulls in approximately 1.3 million online payments every month and is very closely followed by PostePay, with about 1.2 million. La Stampa suggests that PayPal is easily the most popular because it just simply is the easiest to use among the options. Bitcoin’s position is however shocking because there are still a lot of people who are extremely suspicious about Bitcoin and a lot of online marketplaces, that still do not accept it.

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