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HIVE Blockchain Warns of Fraudsters Impersonating Them with Bogus Websites

HIVE Blockchain Technologies has warned about impersonators who claim to be them and are involved in fraud. According to the official note, the scammers have already caused financial losses for some victims.

, a blockchain company, published a series of screenshots showing how fake websites are cleverly copying HIVE content to lure victims and make it seem legit. One example is that scammers claimed that the company “practice advanced trading and returns good profit to members”, implying that they are involved in investment fraud schemes. HIVE Blockchain Technologies asked people to not search for the domains of fraudsters, but they did not reveal them.

“Some impersonator groups promise high returns on investments, but they are not legit. Others are encouraging investment via an app. The statement was made by the operator of the cryptocurrency mining data centre.

The firm also announced that it would pursue legal action against anyone involved in fraudulent schemes to impersonate HIVE. We will file a complaint to the ICANN contractual compliance program.”

BTC Mining: 1 Exahash at the Target

HIVE also reported that Finance Magnates achieved the previously set target of 1 Exahash per Second (EX/s), of Bitcoin mining hashrate. HIVE Blockchain’s Bitcoin mining capabilities have increased significantly over the past few months with the addition of several cryptocurrency mining machines.

In an effort to increase its overall crypto mining capacity, recently ordered 1,800 Antminer S19jPro miners from Bitmain Technologies.


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