Friday, June 2, 2023
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GoDaddy Buys Out Blockchain Trademark Startup Cognate

Cognate, a Boston-based blockchain startup is now under the wings of domain name provider company, GoDaddy. Cognate uses the blockchain to review your proof of use, and once confirmed, creates a permanent, time-stamped record of your trademark information and proof. This record can then be used to prove, enforce, or maintain trademark rights.

The blog post by Cognate, the company states:

“We’re going to be working hard with the GoDaddy team on future trademark and documentation management services. The company’s staff, including its ‘all-star engineers’ will join GoDaddy. “

The statement suggests that the acquisition is an acquihire situation. Cognate was founded in 2013m by Bennett Collen, a coordinator of the Blockchain Task Force for the Emerging Issues Committee of the International Trademark Association (INTA).


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