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Get Ready For Qtum (QTUM) Price Rise!


Qtum makes up for one of the most prominent representatives of the blockchain technology. Designed into an incredible combination of Ethereum Virtual Machine smart contracts, Bitcoin’s principle, and Proof-of-Stake protocol, this crypto is considered to be a direct opponent to Ethereum platform.

The QTUM Coin team has finally decided to do what they should have done long ago, to push the project forward, and that’s marketing.Now that the team has decided to focus more on marketing, you can expect it to start gaining ground in terms of price. On May 30th, the project founder Patrick Dai tweeted,

Patrick Dai says that his team were limited on the marketing front in December 2017 because they were afraid of the regulatory risks in China. Thus, they had kept their focus more on the developmental aspects of the project rather than on the marketing.

Now it seems to be a safer environment for the team to switch its focus towards marketing, and it will definitely start to gain more ground price-wise. Form a technological perspective, Qtum is one of the strongest blockchains in today’s market, mixing the best of Bitcoin and Ethereum to create a next-gen blockchain for developing decentralized applications.

Almost a week back, Qtum had finally announced the date of the long-awaited project, known as Qtum X86 Virtual Machine. The machine will allow developers to make contributions to the blockchain community in many different languages, which included Python, C++, Rust, Go and many other.

This way, Qtum is making the deployment and design of decentralized applications more available to developers, given the fact that it supports more programming languages, that way enabling a greater number of developers to make contributions by creating Dapps.

Qtum pushed higher by 5%, and this is much higher compared to other significant cryptos.

From the selling price point of view, if Qtum will put some far more significant initiatives in advertising and marketing, it has what it normally takes to surge in excess of $100 by the conclude of the year. It boasts anything that a best smart contracts system would need to have: security, scalability, price tag effectiveness. It also works by using far more programming languages.

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