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Fi Network Announces Fully Transparent Crypto Ecosystem and Token Airdrop

Recent developments in the crypto space have demonstrated that the industry remains in vital need of a fully transparent crypto ecosystem – which is precisely what the team behind Fi Network is working hard to establish.

Fi Network is a crypto project and community incubator focused on security and transparency. It combines several independent projects under one umbrella, all powered by its dedicated FINET token – and is fast-approaching its official launch.

Introducing Fi Network

One of Fi Network’s trifecta of progressive launch projects is the centralized cryptocurrency exchange, Fingate. Fingate possesses a core mission to engage influencers and content creators across the space, provide a one-stop platform for direct engagement with the crypto community, and maximize the value they can offer to the dedicated traders and crypto investors that make up their audience base.

However, Fingate is not only a crypto exchange platform – it can also be implemented as a powerful trading platform and immersive social network. Fingate is already cooperating with some of the industry’s most prominent influencers and has recently completed a successful 7-figure funding round with renowned investors who recognize the platform’s socially-powered potential.

The remaining two of Fi Network’s launch product trifecta are the future banking app, Finpay, and the soon-to-be-launched leveraged yield farming platform, Leveraged.

Across these three products, Fi Network users will enjoy a seamless network experience that involves utilizing each of these interconnected products and benefiting from rich services usually only available separately.

Native Ecosystem Token

Additionally, Fi Network’s native token (named FINET [FN Token]) will stand as a unified form of currency that can be utilized across the entire Fi Network ecosystem. The FN token will create value through buybacks and burns from all projects revenue and offer a bounty of desirable, custom-tailored perks such as fee reduction when staking.

The main advantage for holders of Fi Network’s proprietary FN token is that it will not generate value from just one project – rather, the FINET coin will accumulate value from the ongoing growth and success of all projects under the Fi Network umbrella. With three highly-anticipated launch products confirmed and many more in the works, the FINET token poses impressive potential.

Massive Growth Forecast

With partnerships spanning 200 of the crypto space’s leading KOLs, the Fi Network community is set to grow significantly in speed and scale – with each new member increasing the benefits for those already engaged. Growth of the Fi Network will raise interest in integration across more and more prolific products, while its community will organically contribute to the growth of any project planned for ecosystem integration.

This will provide significant benefit to token holders as a percentage of all project revenue will be used in token buybacks and burns.

Take Part and Receive Your Free Token

As the world saw with the success of Uniswap, it is vitally important for the success of any project for that project to engage effectively with its existing and potential community.

For this reason, Fi Network has built an Engage-to-Earn system to reward its early supporters by making part of its total FINET token supply available to the community as a reward for engaging with Fi Network and its trifecta of launch projects.

This move shall lay the foundations for the strong network effect from which Fi Network shall gain traction. It shall boost the trajectory of its community members and partnered projects alike.

Here’s how to take part in Fi Network’s Engage-to-Earn program and receive a free FINET token:

First, a user must sign up to Fi Network at and register an account.

They will then be asked to follow Fi Network on social media, along with the social accounts of its partnered projects.

From that moment on, every social action they make (including likes, reposts, comments on Twitter and messages on Telegram) will earn the user social points.

The more social points the user amasses, the higher their share of total free FINET token allocation.

Tokens will be distributed once each project launches and will be claimable through the website of each launched project!

Fi Network’s Engage-to-Earn program is live now, so begin establishing your position within this progressive ecosystem today.

How does Fi Network Create Trust and Transparency?

Fi Network is committed to establishing itself as the much-needed pioneer of transparent practice within the crypto space.

To achieve this, Fi Network will begin and continue to publicly publish all relevant project audits, as well as publicly display 100% of data related to user funds, proof of reserve, transactions, real volumes, blacklisted addresses and much more.

Furthermore, Fi Network will implement a community-driven DAO that will be responsible for influencing the future decisions of each project.

This DAO will welcome the community to vote on future directions, provide ideas and submit solutions, as well as empower members with the ability to have a say in any decision that will impact the project’s future.

A Powerful New Player

As the ecosystem’s official launch approaches, Fi Network is putting the finishing touches on its unique combination of community and trust values with the powerful stance of its launch and future projects for integration.

By establishing this link by the time of its launch, Fi Network clears the runway for a remarkable growth trajectory within the crypto field – and lays the foundations for a powerful ecosystem with a pivotal token to become a major asset for any keen-eyed investor.


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