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Facebook Continues Its Rendezvous With Cryptocurrencies, Starts Hiring For Blockchain Positions

Facebook has been blowing hot and cold when it comes to blockchain and cryptocurrencies. On one hand, the social media tech giant follows a stringent advertising policy against cryptocurrencies and ICO’s. On the other hand, while keeping it a tightly guarded secret, the platform seems to be developing some kind of blockchain and cryptocurrency project

A recent post about job openings put up on Facebook Careers website, announces that the platform had opened five blockchain positions. Interestingly the platform has been extremely tight-lipped about the project they are working on, the tit-bits we have are from such job posts. A similar kind of posts in September informed us that Facebook’ s blockchain team was looking for a Head Of Business Development.

Blockchain and Facebook

The collab of one of the most famous social media platform with blockchain technology is something that has almost every cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiast super excited about. The hiring spree suggests that the platform might soon be launching its own products on blockchain cryptocurrencies soon.

According to the job listing, Facebook is looking for – a Data Scientist, a Data engineer, two Software engineer and a Product Marketing Lead. Here’s a screenshot of the job listings:

The position of a  “Production Marketing Lead”, has intrigued us the most. Such positions often open up when the company is almost ready with its product and is about to launch it quite soon. So, at least by the means of this particular job posting, we can conclude that  Facebook is almost ready to introduce its crypto/blockchain product.

The job description for the profile states that:

 “we are seeking an experienced leader to build and manage a new product marketing team focused on exploring the opportunity the blockchain will bring.”

In the field of minimum qualification, the posting reads that “experience with payments or the blockchain” literally following the breadcrumbs, this one indicates that the product might have something related with payments.


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