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Experts Predicts That It Will Be Next To Impossible To Ban Bitcoin In India

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin has knotted several economies around the world, including India, in a state of confusion. Whether they should allow it or ban it or how to regulate them, opting a conflicting stance towards cryptocurrency India is planning to impose a ban on cryptocurrencies. However, industry experts deem this task as impossible.

According to Quartz India, while the Indian government hasn’t yet made up their mind, but a ban might not be the best way out of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Cryptocurrencies do not obey any national jurisdictions as they are powered by a decentralised, distributed, public online ledger known as blockchain technology. Here a global network of computers manages the database that records all deals.

Cryptocurrency Ban

Reportedly, a meeting helmed by India’s finance minister Arun Jaitley, last month have had officials of the country’s central bank, the market regulator, and a committee especially formulated to study the cryptocurrency ecosystem. The idea, planning and repercussions of banning “the use of private cryptocurrencies in India.” was the main agenda of the meeting.

The ban in most probability will be implied on buying, selling, and transaction of cryptocurrencies, not on their possession. According to experts, banning crypto possession won’t be feasible as virtual assets could be stored via multiple options like in the cloud storage facilities like Dropbox, physical storage devices like a laptop or pen drive, or on a private digital wallet. Speaking on the matter the founder and  CEO of WazirX, an Indian cryptocurrency exchange, Nischal Shetty, stated:

 “Even if the government decides to ban possession, it will be just impossible to implement it.”

With an estimate of nearly 5-6 million, user base India currently hosts (albeit unwillingly)10 large crypto exchanges, another way of blocking cryptocurrency trading is to force the exchanges to shut down. Shetty, adds that this might not even be a permanent solution:

Ironically, the only way these activities can be controlled better is under a regulated framework, by clearly defining entry and exit points and requirements from users and exchanges.”


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