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EXCOLONY – Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Backed by Artificial Intelligence 

From a daily trade volume of USD 60 Million in January 2018 to approximately USD 15 Billion in August of the same year, it is evident that the cryptocurrency domain is growing exponentially. However, even with such a high growth rate, the industry has proven to be detrimental for many users. Critical challenges such as security abuse, lack of insurance, precariousness, difficulties in money deposits, etc. cannot be overlooked. While a decentralized platform aims to ensure optimal trade security, it is also subject to a fair share of hindrances like ambiguity, slow processing, lack of monitoring, etc., which make the transactions less efficient.

EXCOLONY is a next-generation digital currency exchange using artificial intelligence that envisions to offer high compatibility within all transactions across the globe. This allows global users to seamlessly perform transactions and share data at low costs. The platform renders various trading functions to its users such as SAFU, ICCO, AI Trade, Paygate, Delegated Investments, etc. By amalgamating the speed of a centralized platform and the security of a decentralized one, EXCOLONY is a hybrid platform that is on the path to revolutionize the blockchain domain.

EXCOLONY Leveraging Artificial Technology to Make Cryptocurrency More User-Oriented 

With EXCOLONY AI, the platform aims to render real-time support to its users. From changing current passwords to helping with transaction-related issues, it offers an array of supporting services to ensure that users avail a user-friendly trading experience. When users wish to connect with EXCOLONY experts regarding any issues, the AI acts as a middleman and helps them connect with the desired professionals. Moreover, newcomers often face issues understanding the details of a new platform. The AI provides them both, textual and visual guidance to acquire a precise understanding of the platform and its functionalities.

Efficient Risk Management 

Owing to AI technology, the EXCOLONY platform is effectively able to identify, evaluate, and prioritize the potential risks and hazards involved in a particular cryptocurrency trade. This process is followed by an organized and economical application of available resources to minimize, control, and monitor the impact of various events. The fundamental goal of this risk management feature is to ensure that uncertain factors don’t impact the primary profit earning objective of the users. AI with the help of machine brains is capable of collecting millions of data and information to predict the results, thereby warning the users of any uncertainties, reducing threat probabilities, and helping them make profitable decisions.

Payment Gateways – A Plethora of Options

Exchange platforms often accept limited transactional modes, which makes it difficult for many users to effectively trade in cryptocurrency. However, the EXCOLONY platform has a business network with leading banks and this facilitates easy fund deposits. Additionally, other depositing methods including VISA/Master and straight cryptocurrency transactions are available for its users. The platform is also planning to partner with paygates and local payment gateways of over 50 countries from across the globe, making it easier for users from around the world to trade.

EXCOLONY supports over 20 languages, making it an extensive adaptable network. The top coded languages are English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Indonesian, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Bahasa, etc. Moreover, it also offers multichannel services that include:-

  • Voice calling
  • Email chat
  • Live chat
  • Forum, community, and social media moderation

Rendering the Best of Centralized and Decentralized Exchanges 

EXCOLONY is a unique and transformational platform that envisions to make the cryptocurrency trading platform more user-centric. It has leveraged artificial intelligence to provide real-time support to its users with regards to market trends, risks, and other insights, thereby allowing them to make well-informed trading decisions.

EXCOLONY is the FIRST EXCHANGE using ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE in trading, having SAFU INSURANCE for users who have been hacked, owning tokens CAN BE CONVERTED TO COMPANY SHARE via ICCO. There are several functions such as Paygate, delegated investment and demo exchange for traders in crypto world

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