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Ethereum Proof-of-Authority Algorithm Introduced by Microsoft on Azure


According to the blog post on Aug. 7, unlike proof-of-work (PoW), an existing protocol on Azure, the new PoA algorithm is based on the principle of approved identities or validators on a blockchain and does not require competition in completing the transactions. A number of features have been engraved into the new Ethereum product on Azure to ensure its correct functioning and security, such as Parity’s web-assembly support, an identity leasing system,  Azure Monitor, and a Governance DApp.

Parity’s web-assembly support

The aim here is to simplify the process of building smart contracts. Parity’s web-assembly support enables the consumer to write in a more familiar language than the existing Solidity programming language on the ETH blockchain. As stated in the blog post, DApps could now be written languages like C, C++, and Rust.

The identity leasing system

Each member will possess “redundant consensus nodes,” and the identity leasing system will ensure that no two nodes carry the same identity. In case of virtual machine (VM) or outage, the system will provide identity protection, so the new nodes  “can quickly spin up and resume the previous nodes’ identities.”

Azure Monitor

Azure Monitor will track node and network statistics, enabling developers visibility into the underlying blockchain to track block generation statistics. This can be used to quickly detect and prevent network outages through infrastructure statistics and queryable logs.

The Governance DApp

In the process of participation in a consortium, the Governance DApp solution shall simplify voting and validator delegation. This feature enables the developers to provide customers with a level of abstraction. This allows programmers to hide all but the relevant data about an object, in turn reducing the complexity and boosting efficiency.

The blog post adds that the Governance DApp will also be able to ensure that each consortium member has control over their own keys to fully protected signing on a user’s chosen wallet.

Azure was initially founded in 2010 to provide a global network of Microsoft-managed data centers for developing, testing, deploying, and managing applications and services. In late 2015, the launch of the Ethereum-based Azure cloud computing platform was first announced by Microsoft.

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