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Ethereum Is Useless & XRP Is Illegal, says Promoter of BCHSV Dr.Craig Wright

The Bitcoin Cash (BCH) hash war has done more harm than it did good, while the token lost a significant value during the hard fork update, the situation has also managed to raise questions about the solidarity of the digital assets. What has worsened the scenario is the so-called “leaders” of the supporters of BCH ABC and BCH SV leave no stone unturned to discredit their contender, in turn, fuelling troubles for the overall ecosystem.

Craig Wright, one of the main promoters of BCH SV, took to his Twitter account and started to discredit several other cryptocurrencies to place his fork as the best option among miners and enthusiasts. However, this plan did not work as his attempt at generating controversy attributed to the fork losing half its value with respect to the original BCH blockchain.

Starting his rant, Wright challenged that the ETH and XRP, the two most important cryptocurrencies of the ecosystem after Bitcoin are complete failures.

Notably, Wright accused ETH with lack of use cases, while the blockchain network is infamous for being a network upon which most of the projects of the crypto verse run. As for XRP he said:

Not realising that these tweets are nothing less than a foot in your mouth moment, Wright continued and unfortunately turned more disrespectful and rude towards XRP.

Stepping out of the line some more he suggests that all tokens that are put into circulation should be prohibited because they are securities, including BTC, ETH, XRP among others.

It seems that Wright did not think through his promotional strategies as these tweets aren’t going to earn him brownie points. Notably, while Wright is portraying a negative image, his opponent Roger Ver, who supports Bitcoin ABC has done a better job at it. Ver, recently elaborated that his aim is to get cryptocurrency recognised and adopted worldwide and he wouldn’t mind if Monero Or Dash will be accepted as World Currency.


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