Saturday, March 25, 2023
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EOS Tops China’s Public Blockchain Index as Bitcoin Slides to 14th Position

The China Center for Information and Industry Development (CCID) recently published its 17 Global Public Chain Technology Evaluation Index. The index lists 37 popular public blockchains and ranks them accordingly.

The CCID’s ranks the blockchains using applicability, creativity, and basic technology. When each of these blockchains is scored, the index calculates the ranking by adding the scores by section. Based on this calculation, EOS is ranked as the blockchain with the best performance. The index, however, recognizes Bitcoin as the most popular but ranks as the 14 in terms of performance, after sliding down three spots.

While EOS maintains the top spot, Tron and Ethereum hold the second and third spots respectively. The three projects had the same spots from the last ranking.

For creativity, Bitcoin ranks as number one, with EOS, Ethereum and Application Chain at the second, third, and fourth positions. For applicability, Ethereum holds the number one spot, with Tron and Nebulas at the second and third spots. Xiaoyi ranked fourth.

The CCID says that the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has delayed regular updates for the index. Usually, the index is updated every other month.

China is still largely anti-crypto, but the government has been very and its advantages.


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