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DX.Exchange ICO Pitch in London is Getting Close!

The crypto industry has always been defined by innovation and forward thinking. In just a few short days DX.Exchange will be hosting an ICO pitch at the London Summit 2018 in the hope of finding the next big and promising project.

The ICO pitch will be held on November 14 at Old Billingsgate Vaults between 10:30-12:45. It is specifically geared towards projects with a solid token model and proven traction. Each final project will have 10-minutes to win over the audience and judges.

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The Prize: DX Exchange, ICORating Review

Held at the summit’s Crypto Trading Floor, the demo slam will feature a total of thirteen projects, each of which will be competing for a free listing on the exchange at its launch – no trivial perk, worth $250,000. Furthermore, the winning project will also be reviewed by ICORating.

ICORating is an analytical agency that delivers independent research on the crypto market to an extensive network of investors. The group has been one of the leaders in collecting and analyzing a wide range of data from the crypto market over the past couple of years.

The winning project will look to benefit from ICORating’s review, which will provide investors with a foundation to make well-informed and reasoned decisions. Projects which have undergone the review process can demonstrate the openness and commitment of a project’s founders, thus making it more investor-attractive and raising its chances of conducting a successful campaign.

Additionally, judges of the ICO pitch include, among others, DX.Exchange CEO Daniel Skowronski and ICORating Head of Partnerships, Mikhail Mironov. The winner will be announced by DX.Exchange, which has over 5,000 users, on the Crypto Trading Floor.

According to Mr. Skowronski, “We are looking for revolutionary projects that solve big problems, improve the crypto ecosystem, and have the potential to disrupt industries using decentralized technology.”

Introducing the contestants

The following thirteen contestants will be competing for the listing and review:

The Elephant 

The Elephant bills itself as the first tokenized secondary market platform. As such, the platform looks to provide liquidity to equity rights in shares of leading privately held companies through equity-backed dedicated tokens to unlock the value of shares of these ‘unicorn’ and late-stage companies.


INVioU provides small businesses access to a decentralized invoice factoring marketplace, removing barriers to obtaining finance, neutralizing the risk of fraud and, as a result, reducing the overall cost of finance.


Adeezy is a blockchain-based trusted and transparent ad marketplace, designed to maximize effectiveness and to empower the community. Behind the blockchain-based enterprise are multiple experienced entrepreneurs from the advertising field.


Standard.One operates as a decentralized platform to increase transparency, liquidity, and adoption of stablecoins. The community of ONE token holders votes to whitelist the best stablecoins, allowing them to be added to a diversified basket.


CentrumCoin is a tokenized fund based on smart contracts, focusing on disruptive and profitable crypto, blockchain, and tokenizable projects. The group provides companies with a globally compliant Security Token Offering (STO) and Initial Coin Offering (ICO), a suite of token issuing services, and covers all costs of these up to $1.5 million.

YAIR GMBH (Your Art is Reality)

YAIR is building a curated, high-end digital art collection accessible via an application that allows users to own and trade tokens. Holding the tokens allows direct access to the artwork experience and fractional ownership of the artwork. The group’s MVP includes the YAIR Token, a token that is part of fixed supply and can represent equity and provide access to a digital artwork from the collection.


Qlear is a blockchain-based protocol and technology stack enabling users to build and host high-speed, scalable decentralized applications (DApps). It provides a platform-agnostic API, allowing developers to build Qlear DApps (Q/DApps) with a few lines of code.

These DApps will set their own fees, use their own tokens, and provide Qlear Market Data (QMD), while Multi-party computation (MPC) powers the Qlear Protocol to perform trust-sensitive functions outside of centralized authorities. Qlear provides a disrupting technology stack combined with business grade revenue streams, tailored to the evolving blockchain industry.


Velocia’s open network enables consumers of mobility services to own their mobility data and be rewarded when making certain mobility choices and sharing data with sponsoring participants.

These users can set up automated influence and data acquisition campaigns across a unified ecosystem with just a few clicks, boosting customers and partners’ loyalty and replacing lengthy negotiations with partners.


WinMiner is a project that helps users net profits by turning their computing power to the highest paying use. Mining altcoins is a computational process that awards a chunk of coins, that can be sold into cash, to the confirmed solver of the computational challenge. WinMiner identifies the most profitable coin to mine by your machine at any given moment and put your machine to work by performing a range of functions.


Quizando is a state-of-the-art quiz delivery system that gives players the chance to win real cash for taking part in a variety of different trivia games. The project currently offers three types of games but have several more game styles and variations ready to deploy once the platform has been upgraded and made scalable.

Chamapesa / Solidus Ltd., Bermuda

Chamapesa is an open network for social savings communities. The savings communities can be found all over the world, and in Kenya, they’re called Chamas. As well as letting people save, some Chamas also offer low-cost loans to start and grow businesses or to improve social infrastructure through transport, farming, health and education projects. Chamapesa is a mobile app that makes managing Chamas easier and more secure.


Trippki is a hospitality and experience booking platform which rewards users with its native TRIP token. Trippki customers will be able to pay for upwards of 1.6 million hotels with either fiat or leading cryptocurrencies. The TRIP Token will be tradable and transferable throughout the entire Trippki ecosystem.

Aluna Social

Aluna Social empowers users with in-depth tools, educational material and information to help traders improve their knowledge and experience. The platform provides a place for the community to exchange insights and analysis and learn from each other in the process.

Aluna Social is designed to make both novice, and experienced traders alike feel at home while managing their portfolios and staying up-to-date with the latest market insights.


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