Friday, June 2, 2023
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Coingate to Launch Gift Card Store on Binance Mobile App

CoinGate, a cryptocurrency payments platform, will launch a gift-card store on Thursday via the Binance Mobile App. This will allow Binance users to buy gift cards using cryptocurrency.

Coingate’s gift card store is one of its most popular services. It sells gift cards from more than 1000 brands and stores, among other things, and it also offers them as cryptocurrencies. Its store features top brands from almost all countries, making it very localized.

The partnership with Binance will bring its services closer towards a wider community of cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Users will be able to buy gift cards using any of the cryptocurrencies that they have in their Binance Wallet. Coingate introduced Binance Pay earlier to its gift card store.

The company stated that the partnership makes it easier for crypto owners to buy cryptocurrencies, increasing adoption, and thus, the company’s core mission.


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