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Co-Joined by Price Action, Here Is What Analysts Are Saying About Ripple (XRP) and Stellar (XLM) Bull Trends

XLM and XRP have been noted to follow each other on a macro scale, rising and falling simultaneously. XRP is trading at $0.29 at the moment.

Bearing in mind that XRP has been in a bear market for almost three years, so it may not be an easy feat for XRP bulls to accomplish in a day. First, bearish momentum needs to be quelled, while positive momentum from bulls starts mounting. After bears and bulls grapple, then a state of equilibrium where supply and demand hit a stalemate is reached. Third, when the chances prop up once again in the favor of bulls, a fresh uptrend starts.

However, analysts still expect XRP to trend higher in the days and weeks ahead given that it has more room to grow.

Stellar Lumens (XLM) is trading presently at $0.103. Analysts also have remained bullish on Stellar (XLM) drawing a correlation between the two assets.

A prominent analyst thinks that XLM is on the verge of a macro breakout. Reasons due to the “volume expansion” and XLM’s move above a one-year-long range, this he said:

“$XLM is still one of my favorites. Broke +350 days of accumulation range. Good volume expansion in the breakout. Break-in market structure. Currently retesting the accumulation range and making a new higher low.”

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