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FXSpotStream’s September ADV Climbs 20.5% as Total Volume Hits $1.6T

FXSpotStream, a provider of multi-bank foreign exchange aggregation services for forex spot, swaps and forwards, recorded a total volume of $1.6 trillion in September 2022.

This represents a 15% rise in total volume from August’s $1.4 trillion, even as the average daily volume (ADV) in September jumped 20.5% to $73.4 billion from last month’s $60.9 billion.

These figures are contained in the monthly volume metrics published by FXSpotStream on Monday.

According to the spot forex trading aggregation services provider, the September ADV, which was recorded within a 22-day trading period, has had a 51.7% surge from what it posted in the same period last year.

Performance in Recent Months

In August, FXSpotStream saw a 4.9% decline in its ADV which came in at $60.8 billion.

This is despite the fact that the total volume in the month increased 4.5% to $1.4 trillion from June’s $1.3 trillion.

Finance Magnates reports that FXSpotStream’s August volumes were pushed up by more trading days (23 days) in a month when the industry witnessed a drop in activities due to the effects of the summer holidays.

Meanwhile, FXSpotStream recorded its second-best month in operational history in terms of ADV in July; it first achieved the record volume in June.

In July, the bank-owned consortium’s ADV hit $64 billion, coming in behind March’s $70.1 billion.

The ADV was a 0.31% month-over-month increase from June’s volume and a 33.66% jump from July 2021’s record.

“This YoY growth is a strong indicator of the continued market share gains as FXSpotStream continues to grow at the fastest rate of any FX service reporting volumes,” FXSpotStream noted on the record-breaking performance.

FXSpotStream LLC, the company behind FXSpotStream, was established in 2011 as a bank-owned consortium.

The firm enables its clients to execute forex spot, forward, swap and precious metals trades through its multi-bank forex aggregation service.


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