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Circle Introduces Circle Research, A Crypto Asset Research Platform

Started in 2013, Circle is a peer-to-peer payment platform that enables its user to electronically hold, send, and receive fiat currency.  The company has also established Poloniex for cryptocurrency exchanges. Stepping a step further into the cryptocurrency market, Circle has launched a crypto asset research platform dubbed as Circle Research.

In their recent blog Circle explains that the new platform is aimed at providing “insight to help make better-informed decisions” for the public. Given the volatile nature of the digital assets and the ever-changing and ever-expanding market, a right set of information is of utmost importance. The information circulating can be dispersed and contradictory at the time and can inadvertently affect negatively on your decision-making skills.

For instance, a Redditors recently discovered that a Google search suggests that bitcoin has multiple CEOs and few among them vocally detest the token. For a layman, who is still testing the waters of the Crypto – environment, smallest of error like these could create a bunch of confusions, to say the least.

Some crypto enthusiasts choose the laborious task of reading whitepapers of new platforms to educated themselves about the platform or stock the social media pages of multiple platforms or vigilantly watch the news. Any of the aforementioned methods is time and energy consuming, on top of it the information collected can be a skewed version of what’s really going on. Circle Reseach intends to help by offering an easily comprehensible database for these details. The aspirations of the Circle Research team is mention in their blog as:

“Provide you with the right information so you don’t have to put in the hours of leg work of separating fact from fiction. To start, we are officially launching with crypto asset primers on EOS, Cardano and QTUM. Our easily readable yet in-depth primers outline key details, features, risks, and challenges associated with individual crypto assets.”

Circle Research plans to post “weekly crypto recap” to facilitate the consumers, who do not wish to follow every story on a daily basis, to catch up on the market’s highlights on every Friday. The post will offer news, insights, and a performance summary about how different tokens were impacts through the week.

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