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Calvin Ayre Splashes the Cash Again, Invests in CryptoFights

Bitcoin SV’s (BSV) biggest backer is back at it.

Calvin Ayre, the owner of CoinGeek and an ex-gambling businessman, has invested in blockchain gaming company Kronoverse.

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“I love online games and I love Bitcoin, so it’s great that Kronoverse combines them both,” he said.

Ayre, who is the main backer of BSV, has been on a spending spree in the past couple of weeks.

First came news that he had invested “millions” in cryptocurrency exchange DRIVE Markets.

That was followed last week by an announcement that BSV would, via CoinGeek, be sponsoring Scottish football team Ayr United next season.

And now this Wednesday comes news that the BSV advocate is going to be pumping money into Kronoverse.

Head-to-head in the cryptoverse

A gaming company based in the US, Kronoverse is most famous for launching CryptoFights 3D – a turn-based 1v1 fighting game.

The gaming firm claims to have integrated blockchain into its system in a number of ways. Fight results, for example, are all recorded onto the blockchain.

As a result of the deal with Ayre, Kronoverse will now be using the BSV blockchain to support some of its infrastructure.

“We were investigating other blockchain platforms until we learned about BSV and saw it delivers what we need for online games to leverage blockchain’s true capabilities,” said Adam Kling, Kronoverse’s chief executive officer.

“BSV has the massive scaling plan to handle large data files for recording the massive amounts of data we plan to utilize, has great developer tools created by its community, and provides an audit trail.”


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