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Blocketo: Providing End-To-End ICO Marketing Solutions

  • Vajahaath Hussain – A serial entrepreneur,
  • Saurabh Singla – A devout cryptocurrency enthusiast, with an experience of working over 20 ICO projects,
  • Ankush Gupta – A growth hacker and an ICO marketing specialist and many other individuals each being a specialist in their respective fields.

Blocketo is striving to position itself at the prime front of innovative end-to-end ICO management and advisory by providing efficient digital marketing strategies.

Persistently building on the experiential acumen of its members, Blocketo wishes to encourage the most innovative startups with a strong focus on community engagement, trust building, social promotion and PR. In the era of ever evolving startups in cryptoverse, Blocketo is all eyes and ears for high quality projects and clients that share their vision of a truly decentralized global economy.

Blocketo enables partners to achieve their goals, by combining strengths and resources to help find the best use-case ICOs for your platform and coordinate the whole partnership process.

Blocketo also provides support with creating and promoting bounty programs among a diverse pool of influencers and bounty hunters, which aids in sharing about your ICO through their profile, engaging their followers and spreading awareness about ICO events.

Blocketo has also incorporated vlogging an indispensable service – giving the customer a personalized experience and increasing visibility and online engagement with customers. Blocketo, now provides an end-to-end solution for ICOs all available under one roof, earlier available under different services.

To find out more, visit https://www.blocketo.com/

Contact email – [email protected]


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