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Blockchain News: 4 Blockchain Trends To Keep An Eye Out For In 2019

Blockchain News: Blockchain Technology has been expanding itself in its approach, adoption and use cases. With 2019 knocking at our doors let’s check out some of the trends that shall be prevalent in the ecosystem, during the next year.

Though the year isn’t ending that well for cryptocurrencies in terms of their price point, it has been a fine year for both cryptocurrency and its underlying technology in terms of adoption and advancement. Still, in its baby stages, blockchain is often compared to the internet, and many believe that the Blockchain technology has untapped and unexplored future ahead. Here are a few blockchain tangents that are believed to grow and evolve next year into some major trends:

Trend #1: Security Tokens

Referring to this timeline, by 2019 end the market could see the launch of several STO projects and major activity and more liquidity in early 2020.




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