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Blockchain in Wine Industry: VeChain To Track Wine Imports For Chinese Wine Industry!

If you think South China Morning Post.

How does it work?

Shoppers in Shanghai scan a QR code, which provides them with details about the winery, the grape type, the date the bottle left the stock house, the date the wine landed in Shanghai, the date the wine hit shelves, as well as an 18-digit Chinese customs declaration number.

In attempts to further inform consumers, VeChain also plans to embed near field communications (NFC) chips near the wine stoppers in some more-premium wines. Once the chip is broken, users can no longer read or write data onto its blockchain, helping prevent refilling or mixing.

“The beauty of blockchain is that shoppers can see information about the whole life cycle of a bottle of wine from various sides, including vineyards, logistics and retailers,”

So far, 10,000 blockchain-enabled bottles have been shipped to retailer Shanghai Waigaoqiao Direct Imported Goods (DIG). This number is set to increase tenfold in 2019. Fu also mentioned that VeChain is engaged in negotiations with an Italian vineyard about utilizing blockchain to establish a foothold in China. The same offer has also been made to wineries in Australia and South America.

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