Saturday, August 13, 2022 May Lose $270 Million over Its Loans to 3AC May Lose $270 Million over Its Loans to 3AC, a popular crypto exchange may end up losing $270 million over its loans to Three Arrows Capital (3AC).

3AC filed for Chapter 15 following the bearish turbulence in the cryptocurrency markets. Peter Smith, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) revealed the $270 million (approx.) loss in a latter to shareholders according to Reuters: “Three Arrows is rapidly becoming insolvent and the default impact is approximately $270 million worth of cryptocurrency and U.S. dollar loans from”

Smith added that the firm is exploring various methods to recover from the loss.

Sun and CZ to the Rescue

Justin Sun, the Founder of TRON DAO (previously known as TRON Foundation) said that he as well as TRON are prepared to assist struggling crypto companies.

Sun and TRON are willing to spend up to $5 billion rescuing companies in the crypto industry. Additionally, he revealed that TRON has approached an investment bank (name undisclosed) to assist them in future deals.

The main interests are companies with a large userbase in CeFi and DeFi platforms.

In addition, Binance is active in bailing out companies. Towards the end of June 2022, it was suggested that at least 50 struggling companies turned to CZ for assistance.

In a podcast for Decrypt, CZ hinted that Binance is looking into a high number of deals:

“Many companies are short on money, that doesn’t mean most of them are bad companies… some companies make minor mistakes their first time going through a bear market, they have good products, good teams, so we just gotta help them out a bit.

“And, those things we are perfectly willing to do. And, we’re looking at a high number of deals like that… And, some of them are actually good deals. So, I think you will see that we will be investing, bailing out, saving multiple projects.”

KuCoin’s CEO Denies Social Media Rumors

There were speculations that originated from an anonymous Twitter account that KuCoin may be the next exchange to become insolvent. KuCoin’s CEO was forced to respond, denying the rumors.

He added that KuCoin raised $150 million in May with a $10 billion valuation, KuCoin is among several companies that are continuing to hire and launch new products in a bear market.

The 2022 H1 report will be transparent and shed light on the company’s operations.


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